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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

Canvassing Business's

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When approaching business during business hours, make sure that you are dressed nicely, just as you would if you were coming for a job interview. As in essence.. you ARE being interviewed.. as well as interviewing them.

Canvassing after Hours
Why not hang a book (or two) on their door when they are closed?
Next morning (hopefully) there is your name!
Perhaps you add an Intro Letter stating that you will be dropping by (or phoning) in a day or two to talk business with them.

Leaving a book in the "Payment" slots.. or after hours drop boxes for payments, etc. is also an option.


Drive-Through Sales
In C-2, Sharon Mills of Leslie, GA sold about $200 worth of Avon just by picking up fast food. "I give a brochure to everyone I see," she says, "and that includes the people at the fast-food drive-through." She slides the brochure through the little window, and, frequently, they slide back an order. Sometimes Sharon doesn't even have to offer. "Many times they just see the brochures on my dashboard and ask for one," she says.

Apartment Complexes
I also have a customer who works at an apartment complex...she puts my books in their welcome packs, and allows me to leave books in the office.

Exchange advertising!
Offer to include thier business card with all your orders for the next XX orders.
Offer to include a flyer or business card with the next XXX books that you distribute.
When they allow you to leave your books for them and their customers.

I leave my brochures at a downtown deli - been doing that for several years now. The deli is on their third owners. I bring in my dollar basket and tell the ladies that own the place they may pick so many items out of my basket each (there's always two ladies running it) - I state this is my way of thanking them for allowing me to leave my brochures for my customers to pick up.
Doesn't hurt when my customers drop in at the same time and go wild seeing me there! Also doesn't hurt when those same customers say "I just had to run down here to get one of YOUR books!!!" - UNKNOWN

Real Estate Welcome Baskets
personal testimony from an Unknown Avon rep.

When my husband & I moved into our new home last year, I found this beautiful plant setting on the counter in the kitchen w/ a beautiful card from Marge ( the real estate lady who helped us in finding and closing the sale on our new home ). The plant was a Thank You gift from her for using her service. So as I lay there in the dark this was the idea that I came up with.

Why not visit the local Real Estate office's and offer them my service. Now I couldnt get to sleep my mind was working full speed lol I will skip the rest of the story and cut right to the chase.

I spend one day EVERY week "friend finding " and this is what I did this past week. I wrote an introduction letter and explained the type of service I would like to offer. I marked the pages through out the brochure, suggesting item's that would make a great basket for the new home owner. I then placed this letter and a brochure in a 6 x 9 clasp envelope. (I made 75 of them ).

I first went to Century 21, I asked the receptionist if there was a office manager that I could speak with. I explained to the office manager who I was and what I wanted. She said she loved the idea and would share any material that I had with the agents in there office. I asked the number of agent's and told her I had information for each of the agent's in my car. I came back armed w/ enough packet's for the 16 agents. Along w/ my FREE basket. I let the Office Manager choose two item's out of the basket, thanked her for her time and then moved on the Remax where I left 21 packets, I continued this through out the day until all 75 packet's were delievered.

This is now Tuesday of the following week. I have received 9 call's, 7 were to place order's and 2 were to ask question's. The 7 order's that I have received have been for $581 in " Planet Spa " products. I will make up a cute basket w/ the products in them, decorate, and deliver to the agent. One agent ordered 5 basket's she is in the process of closing 5 sale's and loves the idea of a Home Spa w/ the Planet Spa products for the new homeowner. In the basket I will also add a brochure along w/ an introduction letter, and a warm note welcoming them into there new home. - UNKNOWN