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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

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Helper Incentives

You can let your helper look through the demo books to get her discount on something.
Also, If she orders something in a specific line (say a perfume) give her a comparable product (talc, body lotion) to go with as a thank you.

At our Christmas party for the district, the Dm gave out tons of stuff. So I in turn shared some with my helper.

If Avon sends something extra in my order that I may not want. I ask if she would like it.

She gets 10% of anything she brings me and I let her order the demos.

Of course, she just signed up to sell, so I won't have to worry about all of that now.

Even with 10% of what she would bring me, she made $3.54. I showed her the same orders at 40% (my cost) she made $11.90. You still make money either way!

Good luck

 ~ Unknown Rep

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You have to Put Effort IN to get Effort OUT!
Just life I guess

Only offer them a discount IF a new customer orders, and pays for it.

It doesn't cut into your profit. It is an order you wouldn't have had if they hadn't have helped.

Example: If you are at 40%, a customer gets you a new customer that is $20.00 you just made $8.00 and a customer that might order every campaign or every other one.

You give the customer that got you that customer (your helper) 10% off her next order (once for that new customer)
She would have to order $80.00 worth of products for you to lose that $8.00 profit.

One she isn't going to order that much, and 2 when she places an order of $30.00 you give her 3.00 off that order but you also just made 12.00 off of her order.

So you really aren't out any thing. Hope that makes sense.

~ Unkown

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I keep it business like and simple. I pay them or allow them to take it off their order whichever they prefer.

100.00 = 10%
200.00 = 15%
300.00 = 20%
400.00 or more = 30%

Sure it costs me some but, they have an incentive to do more also. Besides I get the sales awards allowing me to make PC or HS or more!

They see the profitablility of AVON as a business and at some point (after a particularly GOOD Campaign) there is a good chance they will take the plunge to become a Representative!

~ Unknown

(I personally do NOT recommend PAYING your Helper. I would either offer them FREE product or a discount, but that is MY personal opinion!)