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Some Common Eye Makeup Mistakes

Eye makeup can be absolutely beautiful; it can change the entire appearance of your face from natural to dramatic to subtly elegant. However, it can also draw negative attention to your face if used incorrectly. Some of the most common problems that people have when applying eye makeup are:

Cat-Woman’s eyes.

Although it used to be quite trendy, the black liner swept up beyond the outside corners of the eyes is very outdated. It also makes the eyes look very severe and harsh.

Possum eyes.

No one wants small, beady eyes. In fact, a bunch of makeup tricks teach you how to make your eyes appear large and lovely. Yet people unknowingly choose to line only the outside half of the eyes (top and bottom), which minimizes them.

Conjunctivitis eyes.

Many people use their blush as eye shadow. Unfortunately, this makes the whole eye appear red or pink and gives a sickly appearance rather than a pretty one.

Mimi’s eyes.

Crazily bright and mismatched colors belong on a clown’s face, not your eyes. Choose gentle colors (Even if they’re bold, they can still be chic.), and blend them.

Spider eyes.

Mascara clumps are always a problem (though in the ‘60’s they were popular); don’t settle with them! If your mascara is clumping, wife off the extra mascara from the brush and layer your lashes with a few thin coats.

No eyes.

It’s great to use shadow colors that will bring out your eyes; but it doesn’t work the way some people think – "blue will bring out blue", etc. Actually, using the same color shadow as your eyes causes your eyes to disappear.