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Directing Attention To Specific Products

Ok, we have ALL at some point discovered an awesome product, whether older or brand new, and really wanted to draw our customers attention to it.

There are several different ways of doing this.

You can mention it to the customer when you speak to them.

You can include a sample when you leave them a new book or in their order.

You can offer them a chance to try the product for free with the option to buy it or return it at the end of a specified amount of time (usually a week to a month depending on the product).

For some products you can provide a "demo" that they can try when you deliver their order. This works especially well if you have customers that pick up their orders.

Here are some other ways that Avon Reps have directed their customers attention to a specific product.

When Karen Bilik of Kennesaw, GA was getting ready to distribute her C12 Brochures, she decided to make a little change. In order to direct her Customers' attention to the new ANEW Clinical Micro-Exfoliant (which she'd tried, and loved), she folded down the corner of that page in every brochure. Within a few days she had sold 15 of them.
"Most of my Customers asked about the product," Karen reports. "They're all busy people, and sometime they just skim through the brochures and don't notice new items until I mention them. The folded page definitely helped!" 

From Mary:  "I put a bottle of SSS body lotion in the ladies room at my large office building with a label that says, "Free to use. Call Mary to order, xxx-xxxx". I sold 4 bottles this week."

From Heidi Butler:                                                                                                                                                                    "I personally have started offering a free full-sized product with a specific order size every single campaign. This has really been a big hit in several ways. My average order size has increased, as my customers are wanting the free product. I have more customers ordering on a regular basis and I have customers who have found new favorite products."

Have YOU had success drawing your customers attention to a new product?
Email me with your success story and I will post it here to help others.