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Bra Fitting Guide

To help your Customer find her perfect fit,
use this guide:

While wearing a bra, wrap a tape measure
snugly around your rib cage, directly under
the bottom bra edge (see top picture at right).

The tape should be snug, but not tight.

~ Now, add 5 (for example, if you measure
29", add 5 = size 34).

~ If you measure over 33", add 3 = size 36.
If the total adds up to an odd number,
such as 37, try the next size up (size 38).

This is your bra number (32, 34, 36, etc.).

To get your cup size, measure over the fullest
part of the bust.

The difference between this
measurement and the bra number is your
cup size (see chart below):

" = Nearly A Cup (NA)*
1" = A Cup
1-1 " = Nearly B Cup (NB)*
2" = B Cup
2-2 " = Nearly C Cup (NC)*
3" = C Cup
4" = D Cup
5" = DD Cup
6" = DDD Cup

Example: Your bra number is 36 and your bust measurement is 38.
Subtract 36 from 38 and you get a 2" difference. 2" = B cup.
Therefore, your correct bra size is 36B

Did you know.....

that the average woman buys six bras a year?
Now she can buy them from you.

What are the advantages of buying bras from Avon?

~ She can shop in the privacy of her own home—no crowded stores,
no searching through racks, no dealing with salespeople.

~ Different bras enhance different outfits. When she tries them on
at home, she can try on different bras with all her key clothing to
see which bras work with which clothes.

~ To create the essential bra wardrobe, she can choose from a full
range of sizes—even hard-to-find sizes—in a choice of colors
and styles.

~ You can help her get a perfect fit with our Perfect Fit Guide—
she’ll never find that in a department store!

Your supporting role
Not sure how to talk to your Customers about bras?
Here are a few key points to get you started.

~ If you’re constantly pulling your straps up in the front to get better
support, you need a new bra—or one that’s more supportive!

~ A bra should be level from front to back. Look in the mirror to see
if it’s even.

~ Different bras enhance different outfits. It’s smart to try on a bra
with the various styles in your closet to see which bras work with
which clothes.

~ When you try on a bra, sit down to see if it digs into you or binds.

~ Straps should be adjusted to ensure that placement is midway
between the shoulder and the bend in the elbow

~ The BAND of the bra is what provides 90% of your support! The straps only contribute about 10%

~ The larger busted the woman.. the wider the band and shoulder straps NEED to be, for proper support!