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Finding Your Skin Type

The following questionaire comes from the

"Color Me Beautiful Makeup Book" by Carole Jackson

This is the BEST, Most Accurate Skin Typing Questionaire that I have found to date.


1. Do You Break Out?

A. Rarely

B. Occasionally

C. Frequently


2. Do You Have Blackheads?

A. Few or none

B. Some in the T-zone

C. Problem


3. What Do Your Pores Look Like?

A. Nearly invisible

B. Visible in the T-zone

C. Enlarged


4. After washing with soap, how does your skin look & feel in ONE hour, without a moisturizer?

A. Dry & Tight

B. Slightly thight for the first half hour, comfortable or with some oil in T-zone by the end of an hour

C. Oily in half an hour; shiny nose and forehead in one hour


5. What is your coloring?

A. Very fair; Fair

B. Fair to Medium

C. Olive to Dark


6. Do you have facial lines?

A. Some around eyes, lips & forehead

B. A few around eyes

C. None or Very few


7. How does your skin respond to the sun?

A. Burn easily

B. Usually burn first, then tan gradually

C. rarely burn, tan easily


Interpreting your answers:

Mostly "A" answers ... Dry and possibly Sensitive skin.

Mostly "B" answers... normal/combination skin

Mostly "C" answers... oily and possibly acne prone skin

It IS possible to have a mix of ANY of these.. but ONE catagory will AWAYS be dominant.. although that dominant feature can and WILL change over the years.