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Campaign Raffle Intro Letter

                August 24, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to send a note out to everyone, to let them know that I am starting something new!  I will be holding a raffle for an Avon gift at the end of each campaign - Starting with Campaign 19!!!  

If your order is over $25.00, you will receive two random numbers - which provides you with two chances to win!!!  

These numbers from the first one, to the last one…will be entered into the website  This website randomly draws a number.  The number that is drawn, will be the winner!  Only numbers given out, will be used to draw from.  

Example: If there are 5 people who order over $25.00 in one single campaign - The numbers entered into the website will be 1-10, as everyone gets two chances!  I will be keeping a spreadsheet of who receives tickets, and what numbers they received.
Someone will win every single campaign!  Numbers will be provided when orders are placed, that are over $25.00.  Direct Delivery, I will email you your numbers after your order is placed.  

I am offering this to my Direct Delivery customers as well!  If one of my Direct Delivery customer wins, I will personally mail out your gift!

A selection of gifts to be won, will be emailed to Direct Delivery Customers, and given out to those that order Representative Delivery.  So be watching your inbox, or for your copy of prizes to be won!  I want YOU to decide what gift you’d like!  

Thank you to all of my customers!!  I really enjoy being your Avon Representative!


Antoinette Pierce 

Thanks to Antoinette Pierce for this incentive.