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15 x $50 Incentive


Well, at a special meeting last night our DM suggested this, its called:

15 x $55

Select at least 15 of your best customers. Tell these customers that you have chosen them because they are very special! This is what you propose to them:

If they purchase $55.00 worth of Avon in C-xx you will let them order an additional $50.00 worth of Avon for FREE! They can only order core products.They cannot order fixed earnings ( * )

This is how it works for YOU!

15 Customers x $55.00 = $825.00

15 x $50 free orders = $750.00

Total orders $1,575.00

This $1,575 order has automatically puts you in the 50% earnings! Even though you haven't made any money on these customers, you will earn 50% on any other customers for this campaign.

Posted on the YA Forums by Linda P.