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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

Important Rep Info
How To Be A Successful Avon Rep.
Finding New Customers
Encouraging Larger Orders
Hosting Parties
Canvassing Tips
Introduction Letters
Label Text Ideas
Voice Mail Advertising
Misc. Product Uses
Finding Your Skin Type
Misc. Make-up & Beauty Info
Tips for Choosing Your Makeup
Makeup Application Tips
Bra Fitting Guide
Editing Our Erep Pages
Business In A Box
Leadership/Recruiting Flyers & Letters
Fundraiser Info

100+ Ways To Build Your Business

~ Tell EVERYONE that you are Selling Avon

~ Get Family and Friends to take books to work with them

~ Give books to 3 new people DAILY - When You give someone a book, get their Name and Phone number - so that you can call them before your order goes in.

~ Take Books to work with you

~ carry a small "idea" note book around with you.. so that you can write down any sales ideas, selling tips as you think of them

~ carry a small notebook for taking peoples names & phone numbers down in

~ Call some of your FORMER Co-workers/Classmates

~ Give books to your Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Discovery Toys, Party Lites, Home Interiors Reps.

~ Host an Open House or Grand Opening

~ Wear an Avon "button" or Pin on your coat or purse

~ Put a sign in your yard or on your car advertising your Avon business (remember to include your NAME and Phone Number)

~ Advertise your new Avon business in your community newsletters, local newspapers, etc.

~ Randomly mail books, postcards or flyers to names and addresses listed in the phone book

~ Hang Books on ALL the doors in your neighborhood

~ Follow up on EVERY potential customer lead within 24 - 48 hours.

~ Take Books EVERYWHERE you go.. and pass them out

~ Call 2 potential customers/recruits DAILY

~ Leave books in 5 new places each Campaign

~ Set a GOAL of 2 NEW customers per Campaign

~ Increase the number of books you order by 10 every campaign.

~ Call back EVERYONE that tells YOU that they will call you.

~ Call ANYONE who has said maybe or sometime or later.

~ Canvass your local Court House offices....

~ Don't forget the women that work in the DMV office

~ Include a business card with your bill payments

~ Leave books & or business cards in 1 NEW business EVERY campaign

~ Leave your business cards, in card holders, everywhere that you are allowed... offer the business owner an incentive for

~ Try to collect 100 "no's" a week or a campaign or every 3 days,etc.

~ Remember that NO isn't personal!... No means "not today", "you caught me at a bad time", etc.

~ Spend time every day working on some aspect of your business

~ Be prepared to answer questions about your "job"

~ Do NOT be shy when discussing your Avon business

~ Smile when you are on the phone

~ Be friendly and enthusiastic

~ Be willing to share the Avon opportunity.

~ Read Sales, Self-improvement and positive thinking books and literature

~ Dream and imagine the possiblities

~ Always put forth an UPBEAT, POSITIVE attitude about your business.. It sells!

~ Donate product to your church or school raffles

~ Give Avon product as gifts

~ Use your product at home, work, camping, parties, etc

~ Wear Avon products - perfume, make-up, clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc.

~ Get to know your products!

~ Make brand comparisons and provide copies for your customers

~ Always carry a "demo basket" with you.. you never know when your customers will have friends over.

~ Keep extra product on hand for those "emergancy" sales (forgotton birthdays, anniversarys, etc)

~ Host Avon parties, make-overs & beauty bashes

~ Offer to teach skin care classes

~ Have a yard/garage sale.... dedicate at least 1 table to AVON... products, books, samples, etc

~ Have a booth at the local fair or festival

~ Offer a Video club... After 10 video purchases, the 11th is 50% off

~ Offer a Birthday club... during the month of the customers birthday.. the birthday girl/guy gets 10% off one product/order... or you can fix them up a"birthday gift"... etc...

~ Offer a Jewelry club

~ Offer a "Frequent Buyers Club".... after your customer makes 10 purchases or spends a set amount of money.. offer them a discount or free gift

~ Become an erep and advertise "online shopping, personal delivery"

~ Have your customers fill out a "Wish List" around Christmas time.. then call/email or mail to the gift giver.

~ Offer Free Gift Wrapping for the Holidays or Birthdays (IF you are GOOD at gift wrapping!)

~ Host a special "christmas open house" just for MEN, showcasing potential giftable products for the women in their lives.

~ Hold raffles or drawings quarterly or before major holidays for any customer who places an order of a specified size.

~ Offer a discount or free gift to anyone that refers a PAYING customer

~ Offer a one time only.. New customer discount

~ Have special "holiday" oriented sales.. ie.. have a "Bunny Sale" at Easter.. offer 5% off every product that begins with the letter "B"

~ Send letters to employers and managers of local businesses offering special holiday shopping services.

~ Offer a "Mini Avon Party" at businesses during Lunch hours.

~ Host an office party or brunch

~ host a show before or during a PTA meeting

~ Leave Books in the Employee Break/Lunch room

~ Contact schools, church groups, etc. about fundraising

~ Call and "adopt a highway" mile in your name

~ Sponser a local jr. league sports team

~ Send out letters or call places for fundraisers

~ Call your local realtor and suggest a "welcome to your new home" Avon gift basket.

~ Set up a display at your local mall or flea market

~ Join the Welcome Wagon Program in your town... and work the list. New residents may be looking for service or may need extra money

~ Offer a "gift registry" program... for "new" moms, Brides, Sweet Sixteen, etc.

~ Give extra time and service to good customers - they will be repeat customers

~ Review past orders and call the customers whose favorite or regularly purchased products are on sale

~ Offer an "automatic purchase" program for your customers, so when their supply of reusable products gets low, they won't have to remember to reorder them...

~ Go through your customer receipts and call ALL of your customers that haven't ordered in a while.. or haven't ordered a particular product in a while.

~ Write 10 thank you notes to customers who haven't ordered in 2 campaigns or more.. Include a coupon

~ Email your customers with Campaign specials & incentives. Ask them to forward your emails to their friends.

~ Ask 5 customers per campaign to fill out a survey in return for a free gift or discount

~ Use postcards & newsletters to continue to spark customer interest.

~ Keep a record of ALL your customers birthdays.... give them a SMALL gift on their b-day.

~ Ask one of your customers to host a "book party"

~ Mention to EVERY customer that Avon makes a good fundraiser

~ Ask your customers if you can do a "skin care consult" with them.. or a make-up make over - for practice purposes..

~ Keep a list of customers that want you to call/email them before your order goes in every campaign.

~ Ask ALL of your customers for referrals.. make it worth their while.. for every paid referral... offer them a free gift or discount

~ Host an "Avon Party"

~ Ask your friends/family and customers to host an Avon Party for you

~ Show your hostess how mucn she saved by having a party

~ At the beginning of your party, mention the hostess goal.

~ Mention how much your "average" hostess gets in FREE product

~ Mention hostess incentives and other benefits at LEAST 3 times per show

~ Ask past hostesses at shows to talk about their free gifts.

~ Call past hostesses/customers that have not ordered in a while

~ Offer a bonus for hostesses who book on days or months when you need the extra shows.

~ Have the hostess tell WHY she decided to host a party

~ Recruit your best customers as "helpers" .. offer them a discount for collecting & delivering orders and collecting payments from their friends/coworkers

~ Host a "Helper Appreciation Party" once a year

~ Make one product each campaign the "Campaign Special" - Make up flyers with the information about the product, offer samples of it, and discount it by 5-20% if they purchase it THAT campaign

~ Spray your books with fragrance (careful with this.. you never know what allergies your potential/currant customers have)

~ Pass out "Lumpy" brochures in businesses/schools/troop meetings, etc. - ie. a lumpy brochure is a brochure with product samples taped to the pages showing those products.... lumpy books usually have upwards of 20+ samples in them.

~ Stress Avon's Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

~ Remind Customers that they CAN pay with a Credit Card

~ Clip and Keep any articles from National Magazines (cosmo, redbook, elle, vogue, ladies home journal, etc).. that recommend Avon/Mark products  

~ Leave purfume samples (or tester bottles) in Beauty Shops. Offer a free perfume to the owner for every sale.

~ Accept coupons for OTHER makeup companies!... $2 off revlon mascara.... offer to honor it as $2 off AVON mascara

~ Take BUG GUARD products to ANY places/organizations where workers are subject to BUGS

~ Offer Gift Certificates for sale.... THese are GREAT for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, etc.