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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

Important Rep Info
How To Be A Successful Avon Rep.
Finding New Customers
Encouraging Larger Orders
Hosting Parties
Canvassing Tips
Introduction Letters
Label Text Ideas
Voice Mail Advertising
Misc. Product Uses
Finding Your Skin Type
Misc. Make-up & Beauty Info
Tips for Choosing Your Makeup
Makeup Application Tips
Bra Fitting Guide
Editing Our Erep Pages
Business In A Box
Leadership/Recruiting Flyers & Letters
Fundraiser Info

ABC's of Finding Customers

A - Advertise

Advertise your business in many places. Newspapers, magazines, online, offline, email, anyway you can think of. It takes time and
consistent work to get the word out.
Canvassing is ALSO a form of Advertising!

B - Business cards

Give out 10 business cards a day: to the checker when you pay, at the table when you eat out, on bulletin boards, in your outgoing mail, with your info requests you send out, with customers products, at sales counters, anytime you hand money to someone, on magnets, leave in bathroom stalls. Leave flyers under your car windshield wipers for others to take. Write a note on the back "call me for 10% off your first order". Have a bumber sticker with your name, number and web address.

C - Customer contacts

Make 5-10 contacts everyday 5 days a week. Keep a notebook or file system to track your calls and customers. (a wonderful software program for this is at Keep track of their likes, dislikes, what they order, personal or family notes, anything that will help you serve them better. This list will serve you well over time.

D - Do you follow ups and customer contacts

Make sure you follow up with customer service calls after a customer places and order and has had time to recieve it. Make contact with your customers often (at least once a month...use a monthly newsletter to stay in contact with them).

E - Events

Get your events layout set up. A demo board with demo products attached. A drawing box for door prize slips, your flyers, catalogs, and business cards. Have hostess packets, recruiting packets and fundraiser packets avaliable (so if someone askes). Have a professional look for your display and yourself. Wear a name tag.

F - Follow through

This is one of the most important things you do. When you mail or email information always follow up with in 5 days to make sure they recieved the information and if they have any questions. People will forget to call you. Good customer service will bring repeat customers. Always give more than expected.

G - Gifts

Use your product as gifts for all gift giving occasions: birthday
gifts, baby showers, teachers, ect. It gets you name and product in front of people. Make sure you are using your own products too.

H - Hospitals/Doctors

Contact local hospitals and doctors about a mom pack for new moms. Hospital gift shops buy products all the time (talk to them about stocking yours).

I - Internet

Your own web site offers customer service and ordering 24 hours a day. Make it "sticky" offering thing that bring people back. A drawing or contest, a newsletter to sign up for, coupons, freebies.
Put your web site URL on everything you hand out. Swap advertising with other web sites.

J - Just ask

Ask the closing question "how many do you want". When would be a good time for your tasting show? It you just show your items and never ask, most will not offer to buy. Ask the question!!!

K - Kids

When you are targeting stay at home moms, your flyers at places there are children. Parks, discovery zone, childrens clothing stores.

L - Let the products speak for you

Have samples with you at all time.

M - Malls

Gather coupons and flyers from other companies. Make a MOM PACK, write this on the front of the envelope. Give them away at the mall or other stores to moms with kids. Simply ask if they would like some free coupons. You could even use the coupons that are always hanging in the grocery store shelfs as fillers.

N - Newspapers

Look at the advertisments. Fundraisers, local organizations and

O - Observation

Really watch and listen to your contacts. Find out what they need and want. This way you can offer products and services that meet their needs. Its about what fits them not you.

P - Prepared

When you are in public are you always prepared to do business. Keep catalogs, samples, and business cards with you. Wear buttons or name tags.

Q - Quick response

Give a little extra with ever contact. Make return calls and emails
as soon as possible. Get orders delivered sooner than expected if you need to deliver them. Give a little something extra to your
customers. Make them remember you.

R - Referrals

Ask your satisfied customers if they know anyone that would like your products. Make sure you give referals for others as well so they will return the favor for you. Give a small gift to anyone who gives you a referal.

S - Serve, Save, Sell

Where can you serve or give into your community. This brings good will and over all helps your community and your name. Save all contact info on every customer. It will give you contacts when you hit a slow time. Sell yourself and your passion for the products and services. Your enthusiasm will sell you.

T - Talk to strangers

Talk to those around you when you are waiting in line. Ask what they do, they will ask what you do. This is the perfect time to tell the benefits of working from home. Be sure to have a business card with you.

U - Understand your products

Do you know the products you sell. Open them, smell them, taste them, use them. Be able to answer any questions.

V - Vary your routine

Go to new stores, new businesses, new areas of town to meet new people.

W - Waiting rooms

Leave literature in any waiting room you can find. Magazine racks and literature racks. When you are waiting you always look for something to look at. Make sure it is professional looking. Have someone spell check your flyers, ect.

X - eXpect the best

Attitute is everything. Expect to succeed. Imagine your sucess. Plan your sucess. Give the eXtra. Be eXtraordinary. Set a positive eXample for others. Give eXcellent samples.

Y - Yard sign

Put a sign in your yard to tell others you are a consultant with
Avon. Your neighbors will get to know it too. You never know where you will get referrals from.

Z - Zoom to your success

Your success is only up to you. You decide to work your business consistently with zoom and zest. You set the path and goals before you succeed. Surround yourself with others who are zooming to success too.