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Make a list before you canvass a neighborhood, put a check beside the addy's that you leave books at. Wait a couple of days, then call them back.

After you have called them... cross your check mark (X) so that you know who you have called and who you still need to call.

You can also carry a note book for special notes for each stop... "Already has a rep", "Has kids", "Has mother who may want to order", etc.

Be careful not to overlook "old" customers when canvassing for new ones!

Just because they haven't ordered in a while, doesn't mean that you should quit leaving them books. They still need an Avon Lady, they just have all they need right now.

Canvass your customers neighbors before or after you deliver your customers orders!

Possible "spiel" upon knocking on the door...."I was delivering an Avon order to your neighbor, and thought that since I was in the area, I would drop off an Avon book with you." The potential customer, is not put on the spot, and you are offering up a verifiable reference for yourself by mentioning the neighbor.

When I first started, I bought a shower know the holder that hangs in your shower to hold shampoos, body wash, etc.

Anyway, they come with a suction cup. Whenever I go to the store, mall, bank etc., I pull out my caddy and suction it to the back window of my SUV. I place a few brochures inside the rack. (place a small bit of cardboard on the bottom so the brochures don't just slip right through).

My caddy also has a neon colored sign on it that says "Free gift with first order". It's eye catching and has gotten me many new customers.

Chris - "Radical Reps" Unit Leader

Knock on doors, and speak with the homeowners, ask if they would like an AVON magazine, if they say yes, then I get their names and phone numbers. Call 2 or 3 days before you submit your orders and call up each and every one of these people.

If they say, "not right now", then ask them if they would like to be on my mailing list. If they say yes then continue to keep bringing them a book each campaign, and call before the next order again.

You just keep trying to do this, and eventually your regular drops will turn into regular customers. Just be patient!!!!!! - Jessica

I get at least one new customer every 1 to 2 campaigns from tossing. The more I toss the better results. There was a post recently where a rep said her and her hubby toss 3,000 to 4,000 books per campaign and gain up to 80 new customers per campaign. $400 cost for all the books, but if you get 50 people ordering $15, that's $750 in sales at 40% earnings about..... $you'd make your money almost back in full and have tons of new customers. I would love to do this! I just need to be able to front the $400! - Unknown

Definitely works for me! I toss anywhere from 160 to 300 brochures (expired ones I get free from my DM). I get anywhere from 2-6 customers per toss! Expired brochures have a label stating Look what you missed! Call for current prices with my contact info on it. I also put a flyer with it that states a little info about me & Avon. Gotta pick up more expired brochures for this month to toss. I also toss a few of my current brochures as well, when I haven't been able to get them all out. I do keep some to give out with the current ones, as I've been asked more often if I carry the current & prior campaign so customers can take a look & order! - Unknown

My hubby and I are the ones that recently posted about tossing 3-4,000 books per campaign.

In Campaign 19 we threw 3,400 books to new customers (600 to current customers). We picked up 63 new customers. If you have ANY doubt about tossing books, the doubts are groundless. Since we started, our average order has been $36.08. (Not sure where Avon gets there $20.00 from but our average is significantly higher).

63 customers at $36.08 is $2,273.04 in sales from new customers. The books and bags cost 574 dollars. You do the math. 2,273 is 50% earnings. The books MORE than paid for themselves. (OK, a little disclaimer, the numbers are from averages and the math does not reflect fixed earnings, but you get the idea).

I am not suggesting you run out tomorrow and buy 4,000 books. It took us over a year to work up to that number. But we started with 500 and added every campaign. It is a tremendous leap of faith to order a large number of books. Been there done that. Hubby and I have a little saying that we pass on to our downline. "

If you throw them, they will come."

I tell anyone that will listen, the most powerful sales tool we have is the brochure. The brochure is our store. The more customers that "come into" your store, the more customers that will make purchases. Of course, then the fun starts as you try to figure out how to serve a large number of customers. Personally, I prefer that problem over the problem of slow sales. - T.Kubinski

I prefer to knock and introduce myself too......many people are more comfortable calling someone that they have at least seen and me rather than a name on a book....also getting names and #s and talking to people you know who to take books to next time and who NOT to take books have info so you can follow up with a phone call before you put your orders in.good luck - T. Paul

I toss. I put my books in what's new bags, fold down the top, curl the book long ways and rubber band them. I toss them like newspapers. I do not go door to door knocking or hanging and I probably never will. Not my thing at all. - K. Barrows