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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

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How To Be A Successful Avon Rep.
Finding New Customers
Encouraging Larger Orders
Hosting Parties
Canvassing Tips
Introduction Letters
Label Text Ideas
Voice Mail Advertising
Misc. Product Uses
Finding Your Skin Type
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Tips for Choosing Your Makeup
Makeup Application Tips
Bra Fitting Guide
Editing Our Erep Pages
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Leadership/Recruiting Flyers & Letters
Fundraiser Info

Misc. Discount Incentives

I have seen many reps that prefer to offer a discount incentive to encourage more and larger orders. Most of the time the discounts offered range from 5% - 20% off.

~ x% off New Customers Orders

~ x% off the "referree's" order when their referral results in a paid order.

~ x% off all orders placed through your Erep site (discount for Rep Delivery Orders ONLY)

~ x% off Helper's Personal Orders - discounted percentage depends on the Helpers total of orders submitted, less returns & business tools

~ x% off your order subtotal every ____ order (3rd, 5th, 10th, 15th order, etc)

~ x% off your order after you have purchased $x through _______ (your Avon business).

~ x% off any ONE product when you place your order by: xx/xx

~ x% off any 3 skin care products

~ x% off any 1 Clinical product

~ x% off the purchase of [such and such] -
This offer usually to promote the purchase of high dollar items... Clinical products, Thermafirm, Today, Tomorrow, Always perfumes... Anew Alternative, etc)

~ x% off all order placed by ______ am/pm on xx/xx -
this offer is usually used in conjunction with a Phone-a-thon, and the discounts offered vary according to the TIME of day that the order was placed.

~ x% Senior Citizen Discount

~ x% off when you pay for your order up front (before it is placed!)

~ x% off when you pick up your order