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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

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Misc. Free Gift Incentives

I am one of several reps that prefers to offer a free gift to my customers in order to attract more & larger orders.

I prefer a free Avon item, for several reasons.

1. They increase my award sales

2. They increase my order size, an on occasion they have put me into the next earnings bracket

3. I can use free items to introduce my customers to new products

4. It is actually cheaper to offer a free item over a discount.

~ Free Gift with Every New Customers Paid Order

~ FG - for the Referee when their referral results in a Paid Order

~ With EVERY order placed through your Erep site - Available for Rep. Delivery Orders ONLY

~ Free Product worth X% of your Helpers Personal Order - total money value of FG's dependant on the total of the orders that your Helper submitted, less returns and business tools.

~ FG with every ____ order (every 3rd, 5th, 10th, 15th order, etc) - usually in conjunction with a Frequent Buyer Club

~ FG after the customer spends $x on Avon products purchased through you

~ FG with the purchase of any specified product (for example.. free Superfull mascara with the purchase of Therafirm, etc)

~ FG with the purchase of any specified collection - for example: Free Cleanser with the purchase of Am & Pm Moisturizers & an Eye Cream

~ FG of ______ (item of your choice) when your customers order subtotal is $x - You can put levels on this... ie: free lip balm when you place an order of $5 or less, Free Mini Hand Cream when your order is between $5.01 and $15.01, etc...

~ Free Gift with EVERY order placed by persons OVER xx years (seniors)

~ Free Gift when your customer pays for their order when they place it

~ FG when your customer PICKS UP their order

~ Recieve 1 Free ________ with every purchase of $X or more..