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Hosting A Successful Party or Book Party

Below are some different flyers with Hostess instructions on "How to Host a Successful Book Party" each Flyer is different. Feel free to edit each of them or combine them to suit your specific needs .

They can also be edited for other types of parties, not just book parties. Make-over parties are usually a hit and Mani/Pedi Parties can also be a lot of fun.

Here are some ideas for coaching your hostesses (or yourself) through a party.

1- Have your hostess pick out the things she wants for free. Then calculate it up to figure out how much she needs to  be sold to get what she wants for free. This gives the hostess a goal to work towards.

2- Make sure the hostess has a list to of all her friends and family. It is easier to remember who to invite when you have a list.

3- Set a party date and a date through which you will continue to take orders from people that want to add onto their orders or from people that want to order but weren't able to make the party.

4- Remind your hostesses to ask everyone if they would be interested in hosting their own party and she can still qualify for more rewards for getting bookings, either in home or catalog parties.

5- Call the hostess at least twice after the party before you place your order to check for additional orders and to answer any questions. You may be able to encourage her at this point if things are not going as well as planned.

6- If the catalog/home party is local, instead of having the hostess deliver the products you can make all deliveries. This you gives you a chance to meet each customer and can introduce yourself to them, possibly picking up new recruits & customes.

7 - You don't have to have some one to book a party. You can just host one your self.

Invite all your customers and have them bring a friend. You can play games, sample new products, discuss makeup & skincare needs. 

When your customers bring their friends & family members it opens doors to potential new customers & recruits.

What ever you do just make sure that you always do a door prize and always offer refreshments.

 Also, keep in mind that only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the people you invite will show up. But you never know who will bring friends with them.


Flyer 1


Show the brochures

~ Show the brochure to everyone you know.

~ Let them know they can pay with cash, check, credit, or debit card.

~ Checks from your participants are to be made payable to you.

You make one total payment for the entire order.

~ Ask everyone you know that might like to see the brochure.

This is how you build your party sales so you earn more FREE products!

~ Be sure to ask everyone if they would like to have a "Book" Party & earn

free products.

Take orders & collect payments:

~ Complete order forms making sure there are two copies of each order.

~ Give one copy to your party participant & leave one copy in the order book.

I will obtain the order book from you to place the orders after your closing date.

~ Collect full payment when you take the order & place it in the Collection Envelope.

~ All order forms MUST have customer's first & last name, phone number

along with page number, product number, brief product description & price.

Submit your orders:

On the closing date of your "Book" Party, I will need the order booklet along with full payment.

We will review, verify your party total & the total dollar amount you have to spend.

Now it is time for you to SHOP--SHOP--SHOP !!

Select your FREE products from the brochure you used for your "Book" Party.


Flyer 2

How to Have a FANTASTIC Book Party

THINK of people that you know who could benefit from our great products

— friends, family, coworkers, new mothers, career women, retirees, etc.

SHOW the brochure to each of the people you think might be interested in placing an order through you.

SHARE!  The best thing you can do is to share your brochures, testimonials, and excitement.

BUILD sales by suggesting complimentary products, such as a lipstick with nail enamel or mascara with eyeliner.

FOLLOW-UP with those who didn't give you an order or who are "thinking about it". They might just need prompting to order.

Remind them that they'll be getting a great deal AND helping you out.

Call or E-mail me if you need any help at all. I can give you more ideas to increase the sales for your book party!

Your Book Party Ends on:

Please email or phone all orders to me BEFORE:

Mail full payment on:

Expect products to arrive on:


Flyer 3


Show the books.

Invite the girls over.

In (avon rep) will provide you with the invitations to hand out.

Please let me know about how many you need.

Show the books to as many people as you can.

Let them know that they can pay with a credit card, check, or cash.

Checks are to be made payable to (Representative Name Here).

Ask them who they know that would like to look at the books.

This is how you build your party sales.

Ask them if they would like to have a book party and earn free products for themselves.

Take orders and collect payments.

Fill out form using the order booklet!

All orders MUST have full

customer name, phone number, product number and price.

When totaling, Please remember to add the $.75 charge and to add the X.0 % sales tax.

Collect payment when you take the order.

Checks are to be made out to (insert Rep's Name here). With AVON in the memo line please.

Turn in your orders to me.

I will meet with you on your closing date to pick up the order booklet along with payment.

I will verify your party total and the dollar amount you have to spend.

Then you SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!

All orders must come out of the brochures that you had the party with.