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Helper Contract

Avon Assistant Sales Rep. Contract
(a.k.a. helper) This contract was emailed to me by Christina Benson, who got it from another rep.. who prob'ly got it from another rep.... Please feel free to edit it for your own use.

This Contract is in 2 parts...
Part 1 outlines the Helpers "job".. and your expectations of her/him...

Part 2 is the part they need to fill out COMPLETELY and sign.

For YOUR legal safety.. Make two copies, 1 for YOUR records.. 1 for your HELPERS records. Becoming an Avon Assistant Sales Representatives is a smart move. You can make earnings similar to contractual Avon Representatives, without the expense of supplies, samples and brochures, and without the commitment and investment of becoming a small business owner. Whatever your financial goals are, being an assistant sales rep can help you reach those goals without over-committing your most precious asset — your TIME.

Part 1:

Description of Helper's "job"

Here are the highlights of the program:

Each campaign you get twice the number of brochure packs as the number of orders you collected for the previous campaign. Each pack consists of the What's New bag, a brochure, sample(s) (if available), and contact info label. You will always get at least 5, regardless of order size. Of course, you can purchase as many extras as you wish starting at 30 per pack. Specialty brochures may be included at my discretion. To assist you in making the most of your efforts, all marketing items are available for you to purchase at cost, and count towards your earning sales level.

Pass them out to your friends, neighbors, and/or place of business. You may choose to run additional sales & specials, offer incentives, etc to boost your business. These come out of your earnings. Then a day before the order is to go in, check with your customers to see what they would like to order. After summarizing all your orders, email or call me with the total your number of customers orders you got (this is required by AVON for the $0.75 fee per personal order, and helps cover the cost of brochures, samples, bags, shipping & returns), along with the details of your entire order, to include Brochure #, Page #, Item #, Item name, Item quantity, and price each. You MUST submit your order by the deadline or you will have to pay the late-order and shipping charges imposed by AVON , in order to participate in the campaign.

When the order comes in, I furnish you with a receipt book, an itemized list of your order and the amount owed based on your earnings level (see chart below). A 50% deposit of the total amount owed is due upon receipt of your merchandise. (After 4 campaigns, your account will be reviewed, and the deposit amount required may be raised or lowered based on payment history). You deliver and collect for your customers, and submit a single payment to me (cash, paypal or money order). Your account must have a zero balance, and all credit card payments must be applied by AVON before your next order can be submitted. While AVON delivery bags are provided at no charge, and the nicer tote-style bags may be purchased at cost.

Earnings Percent Sales Levels (reevaluated quarterly, and subject to revision)

10%..........................$ 50.01 to $100
15%.........................$100.01 to $150
20%.........................$151.01 to $300
25%.........................$300.01 to $450
30%.........................$450.01 to $650
35%..........................$650.01 and up

Note: You receive 10% earnings on all Avon Apparel, Licensed Merchandise, and 14 karat jewelry (indicated in the Avon brochure with diamond mark) once your total sales reach the 15% level. These items always count towards your earnings level.

Local Sales Tax (currently____%) is assessed and charged by AVON on the retail amount of all purchases, regardless of your earnings level discount, and any sales or discounts you may wish to offer your customers. You must charge the full tax amount to your customers, to recoup your expenses.

There are no sales quotas to fill, and your earnings potential is unlimited. Go for it!

Thank you,

Your Name
Avon Independent Sales Representative
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Part 2:

Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Terms of Contract

To become an Assistant Sales Representative, fill in the information below, and sign & date.

Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Last, First Middle

Address: _________________________________________________________________________
P.O. Box Apt #
City State Zip code

Home phone: (______) ______-____________

Cell Phone: (______) ______-____________

Work Phone: (______) ______-____________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________

I agree to the above terms.

X____________________________________________________ Date_________________________