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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

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Misc. Fee's To Expect

When you look at the 1st page of your Avon Invoice... It will show a list of fee's along with the cost of your order. Below is a breakdown of those fees.

Order Processing Fee - $2.50
Order Processing Charge - $0.37 per reported customer
You charge your customer 0.75 for their order, HALF of this goes to Avon, HALF is Credited to YOU.

Tax at x%
(tax is charged on the BROCHURE price of an item, NOT the discounted price that Avon charges YOU)

Shipping Fee's:
On time Order - FREE
Late Order - $7

Additional Order Fee - $7 - $16 , depending on order size.
An "additional order" is when you send in more than 1 order per campaign.

E-rep Campaign Fee - $7.50 per campaign
You are ONLY charged this if you have signed up for an Avon Erepresentative Website

Avon has been offering a "Sell E, No Fee" promotion. If you have 1 customer place 1 order via your Erep website, for Direct Delivery OR for Rep Delivery, you will have your Erep Fee credited back to you at the end of each campaign.

If you qualified to have the Erep fee credited back to you, and it was NOT, then you will need to call CS and find out what happened. It could simply have been an oversite. 

Appointment Fee - $10
This charge SHOULDN"T be on your order.. unless you did NOT pay your $10 when you signed up.

Campaign XX Order (your cost) - $XXX.XX
This is the cost of the products, samples, books that you ordered.

If any of these fee's were billed to you when they shouldn't have been, Call YOUR UPLINE!!!

THEN call Customer Service.. to have them explained and/or removed..
MAKE SURE that you call your UPLINE FIRST!!! ....

Sometimes your upline can get fee's removed that YOU won't be able to get removed! OR sometimes... It isn't CS that needs to be called but your District Manager!

So call YOUR UPLINE FIRST!.. So that you can find out WHO you need to call.. or IF you need to make a phone call!