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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

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Business Do's & Don'ts


DELIVER orders as early as possible after you have received the shipment. Advise customers when you will be able to deliver. AFTER you have recieved your order!

KEEP a copy of money orders in case the original is lost in the mail. In fact, keep copies of all legal records: your sales slips, your credit card forms and your invoices .

BE REALISTIC when ordering products for yourself or your family. Remember that those products come directly from your profit. Likewise, don’t go overboard with samples and supplies. Obtain these items slowly.

LEAVE only the part of the order for which the customer is able to pay for. Even though your customer may be a member of your family or a close friend, you ask for trouble if you leave merchandise that has not been paid for.

SELL products to other customers if you are unable to collect payment from the person who ordered the merchandise initially. You can afford to sell them at (or slightly above) cost to relieve you of the costs of returning the merchandise.

COLLECT in advance from ALL customers. Always do so with customers from whom you were previously unable to collect payment on delivery. Do likewise if any customer gives you a check that does not clear.

PAY for any product you have not returned to Avon. Should you wish to deduct the cost of returns from your invoice, you may do so, provided you have (1) reported the items as being returned and (2) deducted only the wholesale cost (the amount Avon charged you).

KEEP Avon money secure, separate from household funds and hands. Some representatives find it useful to establish entirely separate bank accounts for Avon funds.

SEND full payment to Avon after every campaign with your next order. If you don’t send full payment, your order will be placed "on hold" until your financial obligations are cleared; a situation certain to make your customers unhappy.

PUT your account number on the check or money order.


LEAVE any product with a customer without collecting FULL payment for that product.

MIX personal and business funds in the same checking account.

HOLD a product for a customer. Do that and you become the customer’s finance company.

ACCEPT personal checks from someone you do not know. Unless you are willing to take the chance of their check bouncing.

SEND customer checks to Avon. All checks must be made out to you. Ensure that customer checks clear your account before you commit those funds to paying your Avon bill.
You may have to cash the check at the customer’s bank to ensure that it has cleared.

ACCEPT credit cards from someone whose name is not on the card.

ACCEPT credit cards unless proper authorization is first obtained. Instructions for this are right on the credit card slip. And for certain, do not deliver the merchandise until you have received authorization.

SPEND Avon money for personal needs. It is reasonable to separate a part of your profits to another account – but only the profits!

SEND cash through the mail. Use a check or money order.

ACCEPT returns from other than your own customers or of merchandise that you have not sold to your customer. Refer these customers to Avon directly (1-800-FOR-AVON). You may choose to do this, but be aware that you may not receive credit from Avon for this merchandise.

RETURN merchandise to your Upline or DM. Returns must be handled through the EZ Returns system.