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Choosing A Lipstick (An Avon Article)

Q. How do I choose the right lipstick?

A. When choosing a lipstick think about texture and color. A single shade can look very different in different textures.

- Matte means dense color, no shine and very little moisture.

- Cream delivers strong color with moisture.

- Gloss is translucent color, moist and shiny.

- Stain looks very dark in the tube but goes on sheer.

- Frosted colors contain sparkly white and are generally more suited to youthful



Q. How do I properly apply lipstick and lip liner?

A. Lip liner is optional but if used, it should go on first. Use neutral or lipstick-matched lip liner. Using a liner that is darker than the lipstick will leave an outline when the lipstick fades.

- Starting at the center of the upper lip, draw a line to each outer corner,

following the edge of the natural lip line.

- Fill in color all over lips if they want extra holding power for their lipstick.

*Hint: Chill lip pencil in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make sharpening easier.

- Use a dusting of powder or bit of foundation beneath lipstick to maximize its

staying power. Either can dry lips, so tell your Customers to use a creamy

formula lipstick.

- Stretch your lips, and starting at the center of top or bottom, glide color to

corners. Blot, reapply and blot again for longer-lasting color.

* Hint: A lip brush gives the most precision in applying lipstick


Q. How do I minimize my lips?

A. Use deep, matte shades to make lips. Don’t use glosses and frosts.  

- Line lips just inside the natural lip line with a freshly sharpened pencil that

matches the lipstick. Be sure to define all the way to each corner.

- Fill in lipstick with a lip brush.

* Hint: A thin dusting of powder over lipstick can help play down lips


Q. How do I make my lips look fuller?

A. - Don’t wear dark lip color. Glossy, pale, light-catching and white-tinged shades make lips look fuller.

- Line lips at their outermost edge with a freshly sharpened neutral pencil or one

that matches the lipstick. Be sure to define lips from corner to corner.

- Fill in lips with lipstick using a lip brush. Apply a touch of a slightly lighter

frosted or opalescent shade in the center of your lips. This enhances fullness by

creating a light-catching contour.

- Add a sweep of gloss if lipstick is matte.