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How To Avoid Scams

Here are some general guidelines or warning signs or red flags that you need to look for EVERYTIME that you recieve an order EMAILED to you!!

1. Is the emailed order from someone that you KNOW???
If it is NOT from someone that you know.. then it MIGHT be a Scam.

2. Is the Email typed out in VERY poor English.. both grammer & use of words??
If it IS, then it is prob'ly a scam.

3. Does the email go into a LOT of unnecessary detail??
For example...

"hello, My name is Nancy Singer, I am a buyer for Dallas Florist Shop. I am currently out of the country on a trip. I would like to place an order for several items that I need for my grandmother's 95th birthday party. I would like to pay with a credit card, and will need the exact total of the items.I will need you to find out how much it will cost you to ship this items to Ghana." etc.

4. Does the potential customer live in a different state??

Not ALL out of state orders ARE scams.. it depends on how close you live to the state where your new potential customer lives!
For example:
I live near Kingsland, Ga. about 30 min. from the Florida border. An order emailed to me from Jacksonville or Fernandina Beach, Fl. isn't all that strange. I have friends and former co-workers in both city's, and we use Avon as an excuse to "do" lunch.

BUT.. If I were to get an order emailed to from someone in California, Alabama, New Jersey, or South Florida.. that would put me IMMEDIATELY on my guard, and expecting a scam.

5. Is the order for a LARGE quantity of the SAME products??

25 bottles of Far Away Perfume
30 Watches
20 bottles of Anew Face Cream, etc.
Sometimes they may be wanting only 25 of ONE product.. sometimes it is 20 each of 2 or 3 products.
This is a FOR SURE SCAM!!

5b. Is the order for 2 or 3 of 3 or 4 items??
This can also be a scam! The scammers are getting smart. They KNOW that we "profile" our emails and ignore, delete or report the ones that fit the "I'm being scammed" profile.
SO.. to counteract that, they are changing the way they do things. Mainly just trying to scam us out of smaller orders.
3 bottles of Always perfume
3 jars of Anew Ultimate
3 of the Anew Clinical Retexturizing Peel
Not a huge order.. but WAY more than a "normal" customer would buy, especially at full price!

6. Is your potential customer INSISTING on paying with a Money Order or Bank/Cashiers Check??

These MO & Cheks are usually made out for MORE than the total of the order that they placed. They play on you by "trusting" you to cash this oversized check, and send them back a money order or certified check for the balance of their money.

A REAL customer would NEVER have a Money Order or Bank Check made out for MORE than what they owe you.

7. Is your customer INSISTING on giving you a credit card number (or numbers) through an email, instead of placing a direct delivery order, or meeting with you so that you can get an imprint of the card and a signiture???

If they ARE.. then you are being scammed.
The scammers that try to use credit cards.. also like to have you charge the order to multiple cards. Half to one card, half to anther.

Avon's RULES for taking a Credit Card payment:

Avon has set up DETAILED guidlelines to help us AVOID scams.. All we have to do is FOLLOW THEM... Especially when it comes to dealing with Credit Card Fraud!

When you have a potential customer (or a CURRANT cusotmer) that wants to pay with a Credit Card.. you MUST follow the following steps..

1. You MUST meet with this customer IN PERSON!
No accepting CC numbers over the phone!

2. You MUST get an IMPRINT of the CC ON the Avon CC SLip.

You can obtain an imprint in 1 of SEVERAL ways.

1. You can use the Avon CC "machine".
2. You can a coin or the side of a pen or pencil and RUB the slip over the CC numbers getting the imprint that way.
3. You can use a CRAYON and get a "rubbing" of the CC on a seperate slip of paper (just be sure to write the CC number across the slip where it goes, AND staple the "rub" to YOUR copy of the CC Slip and file it.)

3. The Person that is using the CC MUST provide you with a PICTURE ID so that YOU can verify that the CC belongs to that person.

4. You MUST get an AUTHORIZATION number for EVERY CC transaction.

5. DO NOT take CC numbers over the PHONE or through EMAIL. If your cusotmers do NOT want to meet you to process the CC transaction CORRECTLY.. then they need to place their orders online through your Erep site OR through

I this helps some of you newer reps identify Scams.. BEFORE it costs you a LOT of money!!

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