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How To Be An Active Seller

Be An Active Seller NOT a Passive One and You WILL Succeed!!!
- Lisa Wilber

There are several differences between the passive seller and the active seller. There are differences in the way that they work their business. Differences in the way they approach their customers and differences in their rates of success.

We'll take a look at what defines an active seller first, then a passive seller.

The ACTIVE Seller:

- Always has products to Promote

- Follows up on all brochures.

- Always has samples of new products for their customer to try. 

- Has market and pointed out to various customers every "gotta have it" or "best buy" special in the current brochure.

- If a favorite product is not in the current brochure they know how to locate it for their customer.

- Knows their customers. Favorite products, products they might be interested in trying, etc.

- Has goals written down, and knows what it will take each campaign to reach those goals.


Comparitively a Passive Seller has quite a different approach, and usually less success then the Active Seller.


The Passive Seller:

- Is an "order taker".

In other words the passive seller, doesn't follow up on books passed out, but sits back and hopes that people will call them wanting to place orders.

- Rarely has products to suggest

- Hand out brochures without getting any form of contact info

- Doesn't really know what is currently on sale or which customers would be interested in the sales items.

- Doesn't pay attention to their customers buying habits or preferred products

- Doesn't really have set goals for their business and as a result doesn't really know how to attain a truly successful business.


I have noticed that there are days when I am a passive seller and there are days when I am an active seller.

It is my personal goal to always be an active seller (except on PMS days when I want to be left alone! lol).

What about you?

Are you an active seller most of the time?

Or do you tend to have a more passive approach to building your business?

Is your approach to working your business working?

Or do you find yourself frusterated because your business isn't where you want it to be?

What are you going to do to change this?