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Fundraiser Letter

Thanks to Antoniette Pierce for providing the following fundraiser letter.


School Fund–Raising Opportunities

Avon is a proud member of the Association of Fund-Raising

Distributors and Suppliers

Whether you are seeking funds for playground equipment, school band or chorus, a school trip or project, or just for your classroom, an Avon Fund-Raiser is a fun, easy, and profitable experience. Having an Avon fund-raiser can quickly raise the funds you need and you can choose the type of fund-raiser most appropriate for your goals and participants.

The biggest advantage of an Avon fund-raiser is selling useful products from a nationally known brand name that people will appreciate spending money on for your cause. Parents would rather purchase bubble bath, sunscreen, lotion, seasonal gifts, and other needed products versus over-priced candy bars.

Types of Avon fund-raisers I provide include:

A simple single-page flyer, featuring easy-to-sell products on one side and an order form on the other.

A full brochure, offering all of the products that many people are all to familiar with.

If your organization is sales tax exempt, it is a great incentive to your prospective Customers to order more and save on tax. Information on sales tax exempt status is included in your fund-raising package.

Money collection envelopes and Avon bags for customer orders are also included with your fund-raiser free of charge. Each money collection envelope provides participants with all the selling information right on the back, minimizing the amount of paper they have to handle.

If you are interested in offering prizes for fund-raising participants, I can show you inexpensive and discounted Avon products that would be suitable (including children’s products!), or you can contact local merchants for donations.

With the exception of certain licensed products in the full brochure that have fixed earnings on each product sold, you may earn up to 40% of your total fund-raising sales amount. It would only take 10 people selling $15 worth of Avon products to 10 customers to reach total sales of $1,500 and the 40% earnings profit margin. In special circumstances, depending upon the type of fund-raiser, number of participants, purpose of the fund-raiser, and other factors, earnings levels and higher percentage of earnings may be adjusted to your group’s advantage.

I will be with you every step of the way and fully participate in your fund-raiser with you to minimize the amount of work you have to do and to maximize your profits.

 Antoinette Pierce

AVON Ind. Sales Rep.

(contact info here)