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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

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Intro Letter

Hello Neighbor!!

My name is Antoinette, and I am an Avon Representative in your area.

I have several customers in the area already and I would love to be your *Avon Lady* as well. If you already have an Avon Representative, please take this as a friendly hello, and please continue to order through them.

However, if not - Consider me Your *Avon Lady*!!!!!

If you’d like to receive a brochure, please include in an email the following information: Name, Address, Telephone number and Email Address. This allows me to keep up to date on my Customers, and provide the best customer service! I can email you every time a new brochure is available, and you can check it out online & order online as well!!! We’ve made it super easy as well as Environmental friendly!!

Check out my online store…….

All Avon products are guaranteed. If you are not happy with your purchase at the time of receipt, you can always return it! There’s nothing to lose!

I keep my customers in the *know* on new products & deals. Avon also offers Fundraising drives for Schools, Churches, and other organizations!

Again, please email me if you’d like to receive a brochure, or just check out my online store at……... I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Antoinette Pierce, Independent Sales Rep
Order Online:


My Avon Story: Avon has given me a chance to take on something new, and quite honestly, it’s been amazing! I’ve even impressed my husband with my business!

I love meeting new people, and building relationships. I love having my own business that is so simple to run. The training is the best, and you always have the support you need !! Our team is wonderful, and we make sure everyone continues to enjoy what they are doing! If you are interested in joining our team and becoming an Avon Representative - Please contact me for more information. The best part: It’s only $10.00 to start!! We help each other SUCCEED!!!!!

Thanks to Antionette Pierce for this letter.