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Helps & Tips for Ind. Sales Reps

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How To Be A Successful Avon Rep.
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Finding Your Skin Type
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Tips for Choosing Your Makeup
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Recruiting Flyer

I want you to "Join My Avon Team!”

I know you have a lot of questions about becoming an Avon Sales Rep. Like: what's involved, what are the benefits, and how much does it cost to join?
With these questions in mind, I've designed this article to provide you with as much information as possible.

About Avon
Avon, a household name is one of the largest manufacturers of beauty products with over a century of experience. We offer a broad selection of products such as: skin care, makeup, fragrance, daily needs, fashions, jewelry, accessories, gifts, books, music, videos, CD-ROMS, crafts and wellness.

Avon Offers
Value, quality and choice
Earn 10 to 50% of product selling prices
The more you sell, the more you earn - there are no limits!
To get you started, on your first two orders of $125 and more, you'll have guaranteed earnings of 40%
Receive training, rewards, recognition and fun
Personal growth
Opportunity to build a home-based business and save on income tax
Opportunity to build your own team earn 3 to 9% of their sales.
Avon sells directly to the consumer
Shopping Avon is convenient and personalized
We offer a broad selection of products: skin care, makeup, fragrance, daily needs, jewelry, accessories, gifts, and wellness
Every product carries our famous money-back guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not. We'll give you a full refund or an exchange with your return. It's that simple.

We Provide our People with the Right Tools, Training and Support to Succeed!
Avon wants you to succeed at your business, whether you sell a lot or a little. The more time and effort you dedicate to your business, the more your earnings will grow! To help you succeed, Avon provides the following:

Sales Kit
Your Avon Sales Kit includes: a training manual, tips and techniques, instructions on how to place orders, understand your invoices, 10 brochures, samples, customer invoice, flyers, and Avon's inclusive newspaper. In addition to this, Avon provides:
Regular Sales Meetings
Business-building Workshops
National Magazine Advertising
Regular Newsletters
Professional Sales Aids & Business-building Tools

Inter Avon Website

For those of you who have access to the Internet, you can purchase a personalized web page at a minimal cost. You can customize the content to the way you want. Some of the benefits are:
Grow sales and reach new customers
Be available 24 hours a day
Customers can browse, place orders, e-mail you and join your team.
When you become a representative, you can submit your orders by paper or get on-line with the Avon's Sales Dealer Web Page.

Sales Dealer Web Page
This unique site is easy-to-use and allows you to:
Access your account 24 hours a day
Gain 3 extra selling days by ordering online
Discover the fast, simply way to place your orders
Access your account balance
Pay your account online
Read about the latest products, selling tips and ideas
Receive special discounts for online orders
Access the dates when your orders must be submitted and delivery dates of the next 3 campaigns
Track the progress of your order
The ability to contact Avon for any questions or assistance you require or view the Frequently Asked Questions.

And Best of All
No pre-collecting payment from customers

Avon provides your products on credit. You collect payments from your customers at delivery and then send in your payment to Avon before your next order submission. No other direct sale company in the world makes such a benefit available to all their Sales Dealers.
No going into a Warehouse and picking up your orders
Avon ships your order directly to you.

My Commitment
As your Sales Leader, I will be available either in Person, by E-mail or Telephone to help you get started, answer questions, show you how to set-up your website, and provide you with your District Sales Manager contact information, so that you can attend her sales meetings.
I will also provide you with "My Avon Team Manual" that contains information on:
How to promote your "Brochure"
How to promote your "Website"
Selling Ideas
Party Idea
Business Topics
And so much more, because your success is my success.

How To Signup
If you're ready to signup, simply go to   and complete the registration form. All it costs to join is $10.00.

Thanks to Antoinette Pierce for this flyer.